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Formed in 1993 in Brooklyn, NY, disbanded summer 2000 in El Paso, TX. Notorious for their tireless work ethic, Indecision toured the world until exhaustion, literally. They released three full length albums, as well as countless 7"s and EPs. Took pages from Sick Of It All, Agnostic Front and the Cro-Mags as well as the West coast sounds of Unbroken, Undertow and Outspoken and created a sound of their own. Indecision is revered for their uncompromising integrity. Inspired some, hated by many but ultimately respected by all.

This band means the world to me and it is an honor to remaster Unorthodox, which in my opinion is one of the most important hardcore records of all time.

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Mall'd To Death

Hailing from the Land of 10,000 Malls, Minneapolis, Minnesota’s Mall’d to Death came to life in summer of 2009. Their fiery brand of melodic punk throws conventional pop songwriting techniques out the window while delivering all the catchy hooks they can pack into their short, punchy songs. Wasting no time on excessive noodling or melodramatics, Mall’d to Death centers their songs around clever lyrics and unorthodox structures, making the most of their three-person approach. After being featured on the 2009 Protect 2 benefit compilation, the band delivers ten shots of rough pop-punk on their 2010 debut Can’t Make a Living, recorded DIY by the band themselves with cover artwork by Corey Ayd of Minneapolis pop-punk act Banner Pilot.

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Man the Change

Brooklyn based DIY pop punk.

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Most Precious Blood

MPB began during the summer of 2000 continuing musically where Indecision left off but as years went by, the new unit joined the intensity and rage of their NYHC mentors (Sick Of It All, Agnostic Front and the Cro-Mags) along with the dark and depressing aesthetics of bands like Sisters of Mercy and The Cure. Like Indecision, MPB created their own hype by touring enough to make Black Flag look like agoraphobics.

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Muscle and Bone

Indie/Emo from Asheville, NC

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Old Flings

Welcome to your new favorite band from some of NC's hardest working musicians. Old Flings features former and current members of Campaign, Just Die!, and Matt Evans (who has his own great solo thing going). We are doing a limited run of demo CDs before the boys head into the studio this winter to record their first full length.

"OLD FLINGS is a three piece rock band whose influences range from Samiam to Gin Blossoms to Hot Water Music to 90s-era Revelation Records. But maybe we don't really sound like most of those bands."

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Wooky Stax

Wooky Stax is the rap alter ego of Ryan Rockwell from the Ohio based Mixtapes.

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