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Jonesin' - The Dream is Dead 7"

As Jonesin' wrapped up their debut EP late last year, something happened that made their label lose interest: they announced that their show at The Fest in Gainesville would be their last. They were calling it quits. Luckily, Chris ( Dirt Cult ), Kyle ( Muy Autentico ), Sam ( Traffic Street ), and I all have the kind of terrific business sense that would compel a person to plead with a defunct non-touring band to get to put out their record. Rather than choose one of us - well - connect the dots, Einstein. It's a four-way split release!

So here it is - the swan song EP from Long Island's best East Bay-spirited band. Four songs of gravelly Green Day and Crimpshrine influenced pop punk -aptly titled The Dream is Dead.

Except for one thing: they reconsidered and decided not to break up after all!

1. 'Lone
2. Nothing At All
3. Just So You Know
4. ( Take Me To The ) Antique Roadshow