Mall'd to Death-The Process of Reaching Out 7" LPs, 7"s, tapes


Mall'd To Death is what happens when you take that Minneapolis punk rock Dillinger-core sound, add some Jeff Ott-esque vocal growlings, mix in some mid-nineties melodic punk sound of the EpiFat variety (complete with the occasional ska-punk breakdown!), put together some meaningful songs about life and personal politics, follow those up with some silly songs about important shit like video games and graffiti, and then round it all out with some of that good ol' J Church! It's like Mall Punk if "Mall Punk" meant a little bit of everything under one roof. I was totally taken by surprise and blown away by Mall'd To Death's debut full length Can't Make A Living released last year on CD by GC Records on and then on vinyl earlier this year by Bitter Melody Records. The Process Of Reaching Out is Mall'd To Death's second release of what I hope to be many more to come. I don't know of another band out there that really sounds anything like these guys. It's fresh; and in that way reminds me of when I was first discovering punk rock!

This is released on Black, White and Yellow vinyl. Right now I have white vinyl but I should have yellow and black real soon. Both colors are limited to 100 copies so don't snooze.