Just Die! - A Momentary Lapse in Positive Thinking LP grey marble LPs, 7"s, tapes


Without a doubt, this is our best, and shortest album to date. Written over the course of the past couple of tours these songs represent a lot of the stuff we've had to shovel. From songs about not being so posi to rediscovering our innocence and sense of wonder, this album is the closest we can come to letting you really get to know us without coming over and hanging out. We're super proud of this and we hope you guys love it as much as we do. We recorded this with Evan Bradford and a ton of our friends in Asheville, NC. - Just Die!

Asheville North Carolina has two things that I know about. First there is a McDonalds there that could be on an episode of MTV Cribs. Then there is a band of boyish men called Just Die! Despite the jarring name of the band I happen to know these guys are into shit like wizards, playing emo music, and probably crying.

What we have here is a situation very similar to Captain Planet and the Planeteers. Just Die! is made up of a bunch of strange people to combine into a crushing musical superhero. The song structures seem to be built around Kwame like guitarist Matt Evans thrashing and riffs. Dave and a new guy fill out the bass and drums around Evans shredding, but much like Wheeler and Linka they add their own touch to each track. However the most important part of this four piece, the effeminate Ma-Ti if you will, comes in the form of singer Steve Shell. Just like Ma-Ti, Shell is seemingly the heart of the band shown through his lyrics and intensity.

This is the third release from Just Die! and shows the band continuing to evolve their sound. This time around they sound a little bit dirtier and thrashier at moments. Then they will follow up with a very melodic track without the singing vocals. The latter is becoming my favored version of Just Die!. Tracks like "Impossible" with its awesome woah parts and the albums closer "These Words" are my easy favorites on this album.

I'm not real sure who to compare these guys to anymore. I used to say they fell somewhere between Sick Of It All and Kid Dynamite, but I don't even know anymore. It's still hardcore and it's still awesome though. This band really needs the attention they deserve, unfortunately this horrible review isn't going to help. Check them out here on Stereokiller. The last I checked they had this whole album up for stream. -Stereokiller 4.5/5