Like Handshakes - Tongues CD BMR07


Like Handshakes is an indie rock band from NC. Tongues is their first full length - taking influence from Neutral Milk Hotel, Manchester Orchestra, Conor Oberst, amongst others have crafted a fantastic debut.

Listen to some of the record here:

"Thank you Andy for all the time you take to record us, to Spencer Huffman for all the beautiful photography. Thank you Madeline for lending your voice, and to everyone involved in the group singing for Cullowhee & 142--your voices are loud and proud. Thanks to Nan and Jim Lacy for giving us a place to practice, Elizabeth Queen for cleaning up after us, and Jiving Java for giving us a venue to share our music. Thank you Shaun Brogan, Miriam McDonald, Sue and Shane McDonald and everyone else who has supported us from the very beginning. Thanks Grant McCracken and finally Jake Sigman--you live and breathe through this record. Thanks for everything."
releases 17 February 2012
Produced/Mixed: Andy Beck
Artwork by: Jefferson Canaveral, Jamie McDonald, and Makenzie Goff
Artwork Editing: Makenzie Goff

Guitar/Vocals/Euphonium/Synth: Jamie McDonald
Bass Guitar/Vocals: Robs Herbein
Percussion/Guitar/Vocals: Riley Brogan

Special Guests...
Madeline Smith...Vocals
Isaac Smith.........Electric Guitar
Andy Beck...........Synth, Electric Guitar, Vocals