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Roses are Red - Fade to Black LP

"If you're unfamiliar, Roses Never Fade is an international project spearheaded by infamous Integrity frontman Dwid along with T from Vegas; with guitar contributions having been delivered by Pale Creation members Nick Brewer and Matt Shack, alongside appearances from Adami (acoustic guitar) and Stephanie VH (vocals, mbria piano). I've written about "Fade to Black" three times now: First when it was originally released by Rock Vegas in 2006, again exactly one year ago (when it was reissued with bonus tracks by Belgian label Neuropa Records), and now that it's seeing its first stint on vinyl thanks to A389 Recordings. The primary difference here is that two songs, "Don't Let the Hell Come Down" and "…Fear for You", have been omitted (Perhaps due to time constraints? I'm not sure.), so the result is a well-focused 10 tracks in about 33 minutes. Narrowminded hardcore purists have scoffed at this material, but there's simply no excuse for such reactions, as this outlet really is the strongest to have born Dwid's name outside of the almighty Integrity. Walking the line between a dark, acoustic-based sound somewhat reminiscent of Integrity's sorely underrated "Heaven Inside Your Hell" and flirtations with "apocalyptic folk" (or whatever you'd prefer to call that Death in June type of sound), there are even some borderline spaghetti western-inflected atmospheres present throughout. Despite relying almost solely on acoustic guitars and whispered vocals, it's an intriguing listen where some tracks come across as more melodic while others feel further abstracted/manipulated, and there's plenty of variety explored through assorted layering techniques and such. I also enjoy the effectively stripped down rawness to aspects of the recording: There are a couple of little areas where you can hear things like chairs creaking or other subtle background noises resulting from mic'd acoustic guitar playing that are pretty curious. A number of the tracks demonstrate some seriously amazing songwriting, too." Aversion Online