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At Both Ends 9 and 10 plus 2 x 7" with new tracks from Grade, Bane, Unrestrained, and Between Earth and Sky

This fanzine compiles both issue #9 and #10, the final issue of At Both Ends, which includes interviews with Shai Hulud, Brian Clement of Frontline Films, Anchor, Wait In Vain, Greg Bennick of Trial, Brand New Unit, Devotion, Sick Of It All, Verse, The Sainte Catherines, To Kill, Sparkmarker and a few more, plus loads of reviews, many other cool morsels and each copy comes with a 2x7" with unreleased tracks from Grade, Bane, Unrestrained and Between Earth And Sky, which features Greg Bennick on vocals as well as members of Catharsis and Walls Of Jericho.

The magazine is perfect bound with glossy pages and color covers. Printing is similar to a book and is higher quality than pretty much any commercial magazine you would find in a store.