Jesuscentric - ST LP LPs, 7"s, tapes


What happens when three dudes who don't play metal try to play metal? You get a record that spans 5 tracks and clocks in just over 20min. A record that weaves a broad tapestry of down-tuned sound with enough melody to make you pull your loved one close, and enough doom to want to break their face open. Having been described as a "rich emotional landscape", jesuscentric take their punk-rock roots to a new level. This one-sided LP showcases the bridge between diy music and art with its silk-screened b-side (done by Hunter at 401Local) and most holy cover art (by Ravioli). In a world dominated by big riffs and gnarly shredding, these boys take pride in the fact that you can still bang your head to spacey leads and ambient melodies.

Format: one-sided LP w/silk-screened B-side

Track Listing:
Third Universe
My Fields Will Be Covered With The Blood Of My Enemies