Muscle and Bone - ST EP LP BMR15


Muscle and Bone are an indie/emo band from Asheville, NC. This is a really amazing EP, if you are a fan of American Football, Snowing, or Casket Lottery then you will probably really dig this.

The cassette version is now out of print. We loved this EP so much, that we decided to go all out and do a proper vinyl version. It was mastered for vinyl at 45 RPM by Dave Eck. And we did 3 vinyl colors to match the artwork. 100 hand numbered blue/white mix, 150 clear, 250 black LPs.

We also asked the band to record a special bonus track (The Anniversary's The Heart is a Lonely Hunter) just for the LP! Fun fact: That song is where they got their name Muscle & Bone.

The vinyl is here now and these are shipping now!

We took the original photographs used for the artwork and commissioned the amazing Nate Powell (Eisner award winning, NY Times Bestselling illustrator) to add his vision to the artwork. He did an amazing job adding characters and hand designing all the fonts. It was a pleasure to work with him. Check out March, Any Empire, and Sounds of Your Name to see/read some of his great work.

1. No Return
2. Lamp Posts
3. Bones & Muscles
4. To Fix the Past, You Must Destroy the Future
5. When I Loved You
6. The Heart is a Lonely Hunter (vinyl exclusive bonus track) Anniversary cover!

You can give it a listen here:
Adam Gross
Chris French
Ryan Hoots
Rob Travis

released 30 July 2012
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Andy Bishop at Giraffe Studios in Hendersonville, NC.
All songs written and recorded by Robert Travis, Ryan Hoots and Adam Gross.

Pressing Information

/100 blue white mix
/150 clear
/250 black