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Prayer for Cleansing - The Tragedy 7"

Although Prayer for Cleansing might have only had one cd out and broke up in 2000, the buzz surrounding them still lives on. PFC came onto the scene with their brand of vegan straight edge hardcore that also combined elements of Swedish metal. One of the first to pull off this style, but they undoubtedly started a legacy of second rate imitators. None however could demonstrate the finesse and style of PFC. Enter the year 2004; Prayer decides to play a reunion show for it’s many fans that did not have the chance to see them in the early years. With over 1,000 kids from all over the world showing up to NC and the band having the time of their lives, PFC decided to hop into the studio and re-record three tracks that were never released due to prior poor production. With a new recording and new vigor, these three ferocious tracks complete the short but often talked about lifespan of this highly influential band. Some members went on to form Victory Record's BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME.

Available on clear with blue splatter and green vinyl.