Fever. / The Kids' Crusade split CASSETTE BMR25


Boy and Bram from This Routine is Hell have two other bands, great bands, in fact. So to go along with the release of TRIH - Howl LP we have taken the demos of both of their other bands and created a split tape.

Both bands offer a contrasting sound to TRIH but familiar elements with their guitar and vocal work.

Fever. sounds a bit like TRIH if you took out some of the grungy elements. It's a a little more aggressive and faster than TRIH. In other words, it's solid. If you dig TRIH, you'll dig this band too.
Give it a listen here:

The Kids' Crusade is the biggest departure in their sound. Think Archers of Loaf meets Jawbreaker. Fans of Old Flings and Jawbreaker will dig this. They have a 7" coming out soon overseas.
Give it a listen here:

Pressing Information

50 translucent purple tapes
50 solid green tapes