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Mean Jeans / Underground Railroad to Candyland split 7"

01 - Possessed To Party (Mean Jeans)
02 - Terminally Twisted (Mean Jeans)
03 - I Dunno What I'm Sayin' (Underground Railroad To Candyland)
04 - Alright (Underground Railroad To Candyland)

I have been chasing down both of these bands for a record since they first hit the scene. That's the better part of a decade for Underground Railroad To Candyland. But I guess a wait like thatis to be expected when the guys in the band also split time in Toys That Kill, Stoned At Heart and some other bands I probably don't even know of yet. For Mean Jeans it's been less time, but these guys have been down right prolific with the amount of records they've churned out to melt the faces of me, you and anyone else around who knows was sup. It was no easy feat getting these bands on board for a record. These fellas are hard to get and for good reason. Everyone wants a piece of the best bands around! Lucky for us all this shit finally came to be.

What you get are two new tracks from two killer bands doing what they do best. Underground Railroad To Candyland continue down their poppy, surfy, slightly psychedelic trip with "I Dunno What I'm Sayin'" and "Alright." Mean Jeans get rad and rip it up with their pogo punk quintessential party jams "Possessed To Party" and "Terminally Twisted."