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J-Church / Serpico split 7"

I picked up some copies of this 13 year old split 7" from J-Church. It was one of their first few releases.

J CHURCH/SERPICO- 'Split' 7". OK J CHURCH collectors this ones for you. Pretty hard to find nowadays, as this bad boy came out 13 years back in the early days of J CHURCH just after the first LP was released. It contains 3 J CHURCH originals and one song from a NY band called Serpico. For those not in the know SERPICO were a NY poppy punk rock band who were originally called Sleeper. But SLEEPER had to change their name to SERPICO right before this single was released because of a cease and decist letter the band got from the UK brit pop band called SLEEPER whom had their band name trade marked. Get it while you can as this single was LIMITED TO ONLY 1000 COPIES!