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Museum Mouth - Alex I Am Nothing LP

MUSEUM MOUTH is an indie/pop/punk band from the Wilmington, NC area. Museum Mouth self-released the 2010 full-length debut, "Tears In My Beer," and 2012's full-length, "Sexy But Not Happy."

RIYL: The Thermals, Lemuria, Cloud Nothings

This 2014 release marks their debut into vinyl territory and a sheen of maturity in the new songs. Some of the tracks are slower and the lyrics are phenomenally personal. Simply, this album is very good, and while we loved their previous releases, this is easily their best release to date. I can't even. Oh lord.

"Alex I Am Nothing is a concept album about becoming obsessed with someone you can not have. The chords and song structures throughout the record stay consistent, there are repeated lyrical themes and the album is bookended with two “Alex” tracks. The record plays out the entire lifespan of said “relationship” (friendship, obsession, etc.) with the opening track (“Alex Impulse”) setting the scene and resolving with the closing track (“Alex Decider”). Side A tries to rationalize this doomed relationship whereas Side B accepts that the relationship will never happen. While this particular story is told through the lens of a gay male, it is a narrative that is universal regardless of sex or orientation." (Bear Trap)

Track Listing

Side A

1. Alex Impulse
2. Drool
3. Strange
4. Just Friends
5. Handsome And Boring

Side B

6. Saltwater
7. Crocodile
8. Nickels And Dimes
9. Sacred
10. Alex Decider