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Chaos Order / Werewolf Congress - Order of the Wolf split 7"

"Lets start off with CHAOS ORDER veterans on this split play fast pissed off hardcore in the vein of GEHENNA just not as spastic. On this release they offer 2 songs at a span of 3 minutes and 45 seconds this goes by super fast. Smashing guitar on “A Conscious Decision (Ritualistic Rebirth)”. His voice kind of reminds me of the vocals of TOUCHE AMORE but less whiny. If you are into aggressive hardcore then this band is for you. Time for WEREWOLF CONGRESS to show what they bring to this 7 inch and let me tell you they do not disappoint. With over 6 minutes of music, WEREWOLF CONGRESS bring the modern hardcore sound to this release with his angry vocals and punishing guitar at the end of the first track is a nice wind down to blasting drum beats and furious vocals. “Dead Generation” is a fast paced rager very melodic in the music and chants again a very good TOUCHE AMORE comes to my mind with his vocals just a little more gritty. All in all this is a VERY solid release, after listing to this I actually bough the pre-order bundle from the record label and YOU should as well." (XbezerkerX) - Profane Existence reviews