Pusrad- Erarre Humanum Est LP LPs, 7"s, tapes


Pusrad- Erarre Humanum Est LP. Phenomenal LP here from Sweden's finest, PUSRAD. Creative mutants PUSRAD continue to redefine the boundaries of Punk/HC with fresh ideas and blistering songs. PUSRAD take cues from classic US HC bands like Deep Wound, FU's, Jerry's Kids, and Koro; but throw in really weird off kilter riffs and unsuspecting, stop-start tempo changes to really make their songs stick. The crisp, clean production really captures their ferocious, manic energy and for a HC band their musicianship is impeccably tight. 'Erarre Humanum Est' is as relentless as it is creative, and the unpredictable, uniqueness of each song is really what makes PUSRAD's music stand out. Flawless Swedish HC here from a band that continues to impress.

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