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The CREEPING IVIES- Stay Wild LP. Any band that matters has a career defining record and for Scotland's The CREEPPING IVIES, 'Stay Wild' is that record. ‘Stay Wild’ is a monumental opus of face-melting, fuzz bathed in the primal libations of Rock N Rolls past. Cut from the same treble-tattered cloth as greats like the Cramps, Gene Vincent, Thee Headcoats and The Oblivians; The CREEPING IVIES seamlessly mesh stripped down 50's Rock N Roll, Swampy Blues, R&B and raw, unbridled Garage Punk into their own depraved, cauldron of Riff N Roll supremacy. With torn-toms, shredded guitars, and hauntingly carnal Blues howled vox, The CREEPING IVIES dish out a primitive dose of mutated Rock N Roll that works. Cathartic, hot-wired, fuzz heavy filth from this feisty, ferocious two-some. Cover Art by Idonmine.

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