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Louisville Vegan Jerky (5 flavors to choose from)

We love this jerky so much, that we decided to distribute it. It has a great texture and flavor. You won't be disappointed. We are now carrying all 5 flavors of this.

Sriracha Maple - (medium spicy) "Enid's sriracha maple flavor is the perfect balance between spicy and sweet. Yeah, we know sriracha is super trendy but we use the best organic sriracha on the planet that's packed with more flavor than you're used to. We also use pure maple syrup sourced from a farm 50 miles from our kitchen. Easily everyone in our kitchens favorite flavor."

Bourbon Smoked Black Pepper - (mild) "Pete's bourbon smoked black pepper flavor is our most neutral, mild jerky. Subtly spiced with nutmeg, garlic, onion powder and sweetened with Kentucky proud sorghum (sourced from a farm 50 miles away). If you're craving a salty, robust & chewy snack, you're going to love this flavor."

Bourbon Smoked Chipotle (slight spiciness) - Todd's bourbon smoked chipotle flavor is deliciously spicy and picked by Women's Health Magazine as their favorite vegan jerky. We spice it up with ancho and chipotle powder and subtly sweeten it with Kentucky proud sorghum (sourced from a farm 50 miles away). When you want a jerky with a bit of a kick go for this flavor.

Smokey Carolina BBQ - Authentic Carolina Mustard BBQ sauce

Maple Bacon (mild) - This smokey bacon flavored vegan jerky is brushed with maple syrup. Maple Bacon vegan jerky would also make a great bacon replacement bacon in sandwiches, wraps, salads, and pizza. This is a limited time small batch flavor.

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