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Remembering Never - This Hell is Home CD / LP

THIS HELL IS HOME. After a 7 year hush, Remembering Never return to incite an audible riot. Being no strangers to controversial subject matter, RN has returned with 12 songs that pick up where God Save Us left off, honing in on the more technical side without sacrificing sheer brutality and melody.
Okay, enough of the hype talk, this fucking record is wild as shit.

1. Sharpening The Sword
2. Monkey Suit
3. Electroligion
4. Glass Ceiling Serenade
5. All Praise The Victims Of The Middle Passage
6. Shit Slinger
7. Chasing Ghosts
8. Excuses & Denials
9. United Stockholm Syndrome
10. Holiday In Siberia
11. Jesus Envy
12. Overseer To Officer