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Split LP - Vatican, Sanction, Iron Curtain, Funerals - 4 way split BMR 43

All money from the proceeds of the last of this LP will go to People Against Rape in SC which provides free support and services for sexual assault survivors.

Bitter Melody Records is proud to present this four band split LP, which includes Funerals, Iron Curtain, Vatican, and Sanction. Each band brings two new, heavy, crushing songs to this release. It's pressed on 200 oxblood colored LPs and 300 black LPs and cut at 45 RPM. LPs will come with a download code and are shipping now. The test presses have already been approved. You can check out a full stream at New Noise Magazine:

Nolan from Vatican had this to add about this release:

"Vatican (Savannah, GA) has actually become fairly well acquainted with all of the bands involved. We've played dates with Sanction (Long Island, NY) and befriended members of Iron Curtain (Inland Empire, CA) and Funerals (Portland, OR) when we toured to the west coast this past Spring. We were looking to release new music as soon as possible last fall and had been asking around to see if any other friends were looking to put something out. Sanction and Iron Curtain had already planned a 4-way split release and had two other bands fall through. We had already asked Funerals to do something with us because we had both been part of Blasphemour Records. Things worked themselves out and we decided to fill the spots on the 4-way split idea. We got in touch with Grant of Bitter Melody Records, who I also had the pleasure of hanging out with in December. We all bounced ideas back and forth and the project came together as smoothly as it possibly could have. It's been a lot of work, but I think we're all extremely proud of the outcome, which are 8 ass-beating tracks."

Pressing Information

200 oxblood vinyl
300 black vinyl