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This is the follow-up to their follow-up LP, "Bleed Out." The band just couldn't stay away, so here comes a new 6-song EP, "Imperium."

1. Inside Voice
2. The Finger
3. Indiscriminate
4. Other People
5. Lust Will Drag You to Hell
6. Prison

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Available on March 16th, 2018 on cassette, CD and digital formats via Self Aware and Bitter Melody Records.

As much as the band seeks to cure their own creative restlessness, Totally Slow tirelessly champion their local scene, repping their friend’s bands and progressive politics like patches on a fine denim jacket.

Although their music builds on classic sounds, Saccharine Trust as Superchunk as The Replacements, the true pleasure is in how they wield these familiar implements like expert stone masons. Live and on record, they’re a phalanx of melody and guts, churning and burning with insistent hooks and tough energy, all amply demonstrated on the Kris Hilbert (Legitimate Business) recorded debut LP, 2014’s split 7″ with Charlotte, NC’s Black Market (Self Aware Recs) and their newest LP “Bleed Out” (Self Aware / Negative Fun Records).

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