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Viana vegan snack sausages (two flavors - organic)

If you have followed us for a while, then you know we promote a vegan lifestyle and vegan bands. We have carried other vegan jerky but we decided to switch it up a bit. Viana is a European company that makes fake meats of all types. These snack sausages are great protein on the go for hikes or Netflix binges.

Made with organic tofu and packed with protein, these handy snacks are perfect for taking on hikes, packing in lunch boxes, keeping handy at the office for long days at work? Whenever the craving hits, you'll have a Viana Organic Veggie Snack Sausage ready to satisfy your hunger!

Sausages are available in two varieties Mild Jumbo German Smokehouse (packed with smoky, peppery flavor) and Picknicker (a mild semi-sweet salami style sausage).

You can save a buck if you buy the 6 pack.

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