Integrity - Systems Overload 8 track LEFTOVER COPIES BMR 69


In our next installment in our 8 track series, we present Integrity's second album, Systems Overload, as never before on limited edition 8 track. Recorded on vintage recorders using new, old stock tape on restored 8 track cartridges. These are playable works of art. We used the most recent remastered audio and updated current artwork reconfigured for the media.

Limited to 105

Initially released in 1995 via Victory Records, INTEGRITY‘s Systems Overload is one of the most vicious and iconic pieces of hardcore’s storied lineage and, while countless legions worldwide will forever praise the album, it was never presented in the way the band had initially intended. After a series of rushed/confused mixing sessions, the final product was submitted more at the end of a long, frustrated rope than any “victory” over the mixing board.

Track Listing:
01. Incarnate 365
02. No One
03. Systems Overload
04. Armenian Persecution
05. Grace Of The Unholy
06. Forever's Horizon
07. Mediator
08. Salvations Malevolence
09. Fading Away
10. Jimson Isolation
11. The Screams
12. Search For Divinity
13. Unveiled Horizons

Non US orders - one 8 track should be able to ship under 8oz which is usually around or just under $15 but a second or third will bump it to the next category of $25. I've configured shipping this way. If you order more than two it may overcharge for shipping and in those cases I will refund the difference. For $25 I can ship up to .9kg (2lbs).

Pressing Information

6 clear
13 turquoise
20 yellow
66 red