Integrity - Humanity is the Devil 8 track BMR 72


HITD is a classic of metallic hardcore. We are proud to continue our 8 track reissue series of the Integrity catalog with Humanity is the Devil. Each 8 track hand refurbished to look new with brand new tape spooled on to each cartridge and recorded in real time on refurbished vintage gear. They are truly playable works of art. We used the recent Joel Grind remix for these 8 tracks. The art was carefully formatted for the media and we were able to use the full Pushead art on the labels.

Limited to:

half red and half black cartridge 50
black cartridge 25
white cartridge 25
purple cartridge 13

Non US orders - one 8 track should be able to ship under 8oz which is usually around or just under $15 but a second or third will bump it to the next category of $25. I've configured shipping this way. If you order more than two it may overcharge for shipping and in those cases I will refund the difference or you can email me your order. For $25 I can ship up to .9kg (2lbs).

If you want you can just email me your order and I will put it together and invoice you with exact shipping.