x Cauterize x - Blessed Flame CD BMR 74


Portland's xCauterizex are back 2 years after their 2019 demo. Vicious vegan straightedge hardcore. 2 new songs and an interlude. Available as a digipack CD.

Lathe preorder has ended and they will ship in 8-10 weeks of ordering.

Notes about lathe: It will be one sided cut at 45rpm and have all three new tracks on the A side. It will include a jacket and maybe some other surprises. Lathes will be cut at Little Elephant Lathes. Lathes will be cut in stereo and each one cut by hand in real time. Sound quality of lathes aren't quite as good as pressed records, but LE lathes seem to have a good track record cutting nice sounding lathes but may be a little quieter and have more surface noise. Preorder will run for two weeks and then I'll turn in my final numbers. It may be 8-10 weeks before we have these in hand to ship.

Notes about the CD: The CD version also includes all the tracks from the 2019 demo as well.