Le Face-Isolation LP LPs, 7"s, tapes


LE FACE - 'Isolation' LP. The elusive LE FACE are from a small suburban wasteland on the outskirts of the Los Angeles. LE FACE supposedly contains members of the Fault Lines and Mika Miko, but I can’t confirm, nor deny that. ‘Isolation’ contains 13 songs of what the band describes as “neo dada noise.” That’s not a far off description, but they definately have their roots firmly planted in punk rock. They take different aspects of the Urinals, Human Hands, Mentally Ill, Simply Saucer and the Electric Eels and put it through their own paranoid, unblanced filter. It’s nice to hear them deconstruct punk rock and spit it back out as their own psychotic, off kilter bastard child of rock n roll. Neo dada noise indeed.