DC Snipers - Missile Sunset LP LPs, 7"s, tapes


DC SNIPERS - Missile Sunset LP. Now this is something to get EXCITED about. A total winner here that plays good all the way through. Just a super-solid release!! The DC Snipers from NYC bring something different to the table with each of the 11 tracks on this album; and it’s hard to do that and actually end up with a record that’s good! But the Snipers have proven it’s not impossible. This album is not only good it's great!! Taking cues from other musical pioneers like the Screamers, Gang of Four, Urinals and the Electric Eels; the DC Snipers forge into their own fragmented, audience-less sector and begin to build a following based on songs that are undeniably catchy without sticking to a musical ‘script’. The most difficult part of being in a proto/art punk/whatever band like this: is to do something completely inovative and different, yet still leaving the listener with something loosely ill defined to grasp onto and the DC Snipers completely nail that. Include Mike Sniper, Pre- Blank Dogs. RECOMMENDED.