Heartbeeps-My bones are tattooed LP LPs, 7"s, tapes


HEARTBEEPS- My Bones Are Tattooed LP. Theirs no denying the impact that Bordeaux's TV KILLERS had on the international underground garage punk scene. They began in 1992 long before the hey day of the mid to late 90's garage punk boom; and saw it through to it's perpetual demise. Out of the ashes of the TV KILLERS come HEARTBEEPS who quickly re-ignite the flame that their raggedly, rockin band once had. TV KILLERS fans will rejoince in the fact that not much has changed with time. The basic TV KILLERS blue print is still intact. An adrenaline charged, dual guitar, smash n crash where steam roller riffs drill through frantic garage based punk tunes. Raw primitive Rock 'n' Roll that tips it's cap to The Real Kids, Saints, DMZ, Pagans and the Zeros. Hell ya.