Family Cat - Dealing With Depression cassette (with download code) LPs, 7"s, tapes


This comes with a download of the whole album at 320kbps.

Richmond, VA melodic punks return with a full length after one of the best demos of 2011. I love these guys and this records is nothing short of amazing. We are really stoked to do this tape. These are pro duplicated/imprinted and sound amazing. We did 74 on blue cassettes and 26 on clear cassettes specifically for Fest 11 (with special painted/numbered covers). We only have the blue cassettes for sale right now but if we have extras we will add them to the store after Fest. You can check out the whole thing on their bandcamp:

Liner notes:
A second-rate Godsmack. A first-rate fuck up. Dealing with Depression.

Thank you for listening. And if you read this, thank you for reading.
released 07 August 2012
Roger - Bass
Chris - Guitar
Nate - Drums
Tyler - Vox/Guitar

Backing Vocals performed by: Sarah Fitzpatrick, Brad Santiago, Chris Compton, Matt Padaon, Chris Carreon, Tyler Walker, Roger Anderson, Jimmy Kurnel. Not Nate.

Thanks to: Jake Cunningham for taking the photos, Kane, The Fuck Hut, Old Flings, Sundials, Close Talker, Zac Hobbes and Burners, The Haverchucks, Alex Wilhelm, Mark Osbourne, Dan and Brodie for keeping the Alexandria scene alive, Cheyenne, Springtime, D Generation X, Hold Tight, Zach Finch, Sarah, Brad, Robert, Jimmy, Jack and Travis for filling in on drums, Patrick Buhse for being the loosey buhse, The Undertaker, Spencer, Rachel alive and Livingston, Tim at Double O records, Lacey and Kristy from Chattanooga, Catie from Raleigh, Chris Compton for being the fucking man, Church of Abe, Haus Addy, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Catacombs, Grant Mccracken and Bitter Melody Records, SP records in Japan, Cats? Aye! Records, Johnnie and Kimmie from Blacksburg, 86 reality, Macrock, And PBR? We stole your liquor. And to everyone we forgot. Fuck you.

All songs written by Family Cat
Photograph taken by Jake Cunningham
Artwork by Chris Carreon
Recorded and Mixed with Chris Compton