Die Young - Survival Instinct 7" LPs, 7"s, tapes


Clear vinyl out of 300.

"Some people consider hardcore music to be quite contrived. And if you look at it from their point of view, they have a compelling argument. The music isn’t technically difficult and the song structures are fairly basic when compared to other styles of music. Where hardcore has made its mark is in its lyrics. Hardcore defines itself on voicing one’s mind no matter the topic - it is the First Amendment fronting a band.

Survival Instinct is comprised of eight songs, seven of them originals and one notable cover. Over the course of these songs, Die Young unleash socially and politically aware hardcore that in addition to making you want to dance, makes you think. A closer look at the first track, “M.A.D.,” reveals a band talking about topics current to life in the real world. Here, vocalist The Reverend White Devil discusses the inept government officials and their choice to engage in a pointless war. Investigation of the lyrical content of other songs yields similar results.

It’s refreshing to listen to a band that can intelligently convey ideas outside of scene politics and the like. And while their lyrical content definitely helps distinguish them, the band still writes and performs perfectly executed hardcore songs. Die Young mixes together a frontal assault of the toughness of Buried Alive with the dexterity of Sick of it All. “Light of Our Misery” is a prime example of the band’s intense hardcore concoction.

The album is closed out by a cover of Trial’s “For the Kids,” which is an ideal song for them to cover both musically and lyrically. And while they did add a little extra toughness to the song, their execution of the song is on point and practically flawless.

Die Young may not be on the radar of the vast majority of the hardcore scene, but those that are aware sing their praise. And if the band continues to release top notch records like Survival Instinct, the size of their fanbase will no doubt skyrocket resulting in a more intelligent and socially conscious hardcore community. Besides, can you really not like a band that covers Trial?" Scene Point Blank