Crosseyed - S/T Cassette (red or white cassettes) Mem. of Family Cat, Hold Tight, Springtime, and more BMR28


The group comes from an impressive band pedigree featuring current and former members of Hold Tight!, Tight Hold, Friendly Fire, Springtime, Family Cat, Tiger Tail, Just Friends. We are very excited to be helping release this EP. Comes with a link to find the download.

Cross Eyed write short, snotty pop punk songs with three different members doing vocals, bringing a different sound to each song. They bring a mix of their other bands and a touch of Ramones-core to craft a record that will fit nicely in the catalog of RVA punk.

Their debut 7 song debut is being released on 50 red and 50 white cassettes.

1. Lose Me
2. Stuck
3. Heads Up
4. Ruffner
5. Blonde
6. Shovel
7. Every Minute

Pressing Information

50 white
50 red