Autarch - The Death of Actiacus LP LPs, 7"s, tapes


Autarch's debut full length now available on vinyl for the first time compliments of All We Know & Headfirst! Records! (fully remixed and remastered from the original cassette release)

musically the band explores a dynamic range of sounds, beautifully crafted together in one nice flowing and varied structure. twists and turns abound, if you were looking for a good example of more modern day 'atmospheric hardcore" this should satisfy your itch. ranging from slow melodic pieces, to driven post-rock parts, to blistering d-beat hardcore, The Death of Actiacus is not just a musical piece as well as a narrative journey by the band telling the story of life, humanity and its eventual downfall.

recorded by band members James Pratt and Jason Cronk (ex-kakistocracy), mixed by Stephen Laughton, mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege (Portland, OR), with new artwork by Nate Burns

all 300 copies on grey marble vinyl.