Down In It / No Restraint - "Humanity Has Failed" split 7" BMR 36

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This split 7" has 6 songs from two of our current favorite hardcore bands. We released cassettes of first EPs/demos from both bands last year and helped team them up to record this split. There is no room for filler here, both bands bring 3 songs of crucial music with lyrics that touch on everything from veganism, homophobia, transphobia, suicide, racism, police violence, and how we treat each other in our day to day lives.

This comes with a high quality download and a sticker.

Down In It are from Wilmington, NC and released a demo and an EP "32.3.1" last year which you can stream here:

No Restraint from Jacksonville, FL released "The Branches of Suffering" last year which is available on bandcamp below and on cassette from us:

Art and design by Brandon Gallagher

Pressing Information

10 - test press
30- record release show test press

300 - black
300 - camo (green, brown, grey mix)