No Restraint - The First 3 EPs - collection CD BMR 51

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No Restraint (Jacksonville, FL) are back with their third EP, titled, “Growth”. This vegan powerhouse previously released a split with Down In It and a standalone EP, “The Branches of Suffering”, through Bitter Melody Records. To celebrate their third EP, we are making this complete collection CD. This CD contains their full discography to date. All 3 EPs (14 total songs and 2 extra demo versions) all packaged together on one CD.

6-Torture, Fear, and Death
7-Learning From Spite
8-We Suffer As One
9-Factory Farms and Slaughterhouses
10-The Branches of Suffering
11-For No One Else
12-Strength Through Conviction
13-The Disease
14-The Path to a New World
15-Grasping (demo)
16-Separation (demo)