Better Days - Away Team 7" LPs, 7"s, tapes

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St. Louis, MO melodic hardcore unit Better Days have been producing lightening fast songs that teeter between hardcore and punk for a few years now. In early 2017 Better Days re-structured their line-up adding two new members, and an arsenal of songs that are executed at breakneck speeds. Their style is reminiscent of hardcore acts like: Kill Your Idols, Gorilla Biscuits, and Reach the Sky, but executed at So-Cal skate punk tempos. 2018 and beyond will bring the opportunities of more shows, traveling, and recording – it’s safe to say Better Days shows no signs of slowing down.

Coin Toss Records
To stay up to date with Better Days, or if you would like to link up for a show follow their social media handles:

Instagram: betterdays_stl
Twitter: @betterdays314