Drip Fed - ST LP LPs, 7"s, tapes


“Formed in 2014 as a simple punk side-project, Austin, TX's Drip-Fed have evolved into a bastion of rock and roll, unrestrained by creative boundaries or labels. After releasing their demo in 2014, the "Sickened Kind" EP in 2015, and the "Under the Wave Blanket" 7-inch in 2017, Drip-Fed is back with their first full-length record on I Corrupt Records, Coin Toss Records and Black Numbers. From aggressive hardcore punk to bright melodies, Drip-Fed covers a lot of ground appealing to any fan of rock music.

Recorded and Mixed by Keith Hernandez at Suite 2E in Austin, TX
Mastered by Brad Boatright at AudioSiege in Portland, OR
Art and Layout by Dann K. Miller”

Coin Toss Records